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What’s New in v.5

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

A short list of some of the new features and changes to Empressr v.5

I don’t generally like long gaps in code pushes, but this particular push has some substantial changes in the underlying Empressr Engine. The first thing you will notice is that objects placed on the canvas are now selectable anywhere as opposed to having to grab a handle, the feedback as you move and manipulate objects is much tighter and responsive. This was a major redevelopment and the reason it took so long to push this version. A list of new things:


  • Empressr now has a smaller application footprint aka uses less memory so you can now do bigger presentations without running the risk of running out of memory
  • fullscreen slide sorter, making it easier to organize your presentation


  • You’ll notice that both the application and the viewer load 100% faster than v.4 w00t
  • We now only load fonts that you are using in your presentation and no longer load a default set, this saves about 1MB of things you may or may not have been using
  • Flex 3, we are now Flex 3 which by default is substantially faster than Flex 2
  • Optimized thumb-nailing with less server calls
  • Optimized 3rd party api calls for faster results in your searches


  • Publish your Empressr as you save your work, less steps means more efficiency = happy users
  • In-line preview of your work
  • Import from PowerPoint will auto-preview

…and finally with this big new code push it is going to allow us to focus on bringing more detailed features for things like  text, video and images and much faster fashion, so stay tuned.
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Empressr has given birth to version 5.0!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Code name: Hemingway

Incubating since: way too long ago!

What did we say we were going to do?

  • Empressr is BIGGER — more features, more functionality, more AWESOME NESS.
  • Empressr is FASTER — don’t blink. you WILL miss the loading bar? or WILL YOU? hmmmm…..
  • Empressr is STRONGER — upgraded back-end… faster throughput… ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

What’s out there! Check it out!!

Have previous empressr’s that you created with the composr? No worries, they are all still there, and functional. We wouldn’t do that to ya now, would we? 

We are coming out with a Hemingway-inspired contest for all to participate in. Stay tuned..

To end a blog post about a release code named Hemingway, I thought I would sign off in similar 6-word story style invented by Hemingway.

Empressr Goodness Out. Eagerly Anticipating Feedback.


Empressr is offline for upgrade

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Hi, Empressr is going to be offline for the next 30 minutes as we update the databases and load the new code to the server. We don’t anticipate any problems and expect to be back online and rockin’ shortly.