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Empressr is offline for upgrade

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Hi, Empressr is going to be offline for the next 30 minutes as we update the databases and load the new code to the server. We don’t anticipate any problems and expect to be back online and rockin’ shortly.



New Code Push Today

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Version .3.12

You may have experienced a few minutes of downtime today as we pushed new code.

What we pushed
On the Front-end

  1. Updated text box, fixed the annoying triple click to activate the text within the text field
  2. Changed function of add new slide creation
    • Now the add slide action triggers a request to the server to create slide xml. It then adds the new slide to the slide sorter… avoiding time between creating the slide within the slide sorter and updating
  3. Fixed preview problems when previewing a new empressr that was just saved
  4. Added second remoting interface to lighten responder traffic

Back-end Updates to support above features

Powerpoint Import is working great and will be released in the next few weeks once these bugs are fixed

  • Illegal chars pulled from the ppt file
  • Slide order is incorrect when pulled from the presentation

I’m going to make sure we inform the community every time we push new code! It’s usually on Fridays, but we were ready today.