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Boyd/Marks Rock the stage with Empressr

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Last week at Web 2.0 Expo #w2e Stowe Boyd @stoweboyd and Oliver Marks @olivermarks used Empressr as their tool to create and present their story on Enterprise 2.0. This presentation is a warm up to the bigger Enterprise 2.0 event that they are presenting in, taking place in Boston June 22-25th. The two took advantage of some of the cool new features, namely the Twitter FrontChannel to spearhead the Q & A session.


Stowe loved it because it gave him a chance to be able to choose the Tweet that was shown on the screen, users loved it because they got a chance to participate in the presentation. Stowe is going to be using Empressr around the world speaking during the next few months, I’ll keep you posted.

The Empressr

The Dashboard


Some of the features are:

  • A timer so you can gauge the length or your presentation.
  • You can show the hash tag on the presentation so your audience knows what hash to use.
  • You can autorun the tweets, or select manual, in this mode you would launch each tweet to the screen.
  • Presenter Notes, you see previous, current and next slides, they are also click-able as an additional navigation element.


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Busy Week Here at Empressr, v.5.1 Launches

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Like I promised, new features are planned to roll out every other week.

What’s new this week.

youtube-logo yes you can now search and drag and drop YouTube videos from within Empressr, it works great and is really easy. A couple of items you should be aware of is that YouTube videos have to auto-play (at lest for now) and due to api restrictions you are only allowed one video per slide in empressr. There is no limitation on how many videos you use, so long as it’s one per slide.

To access the video panel click the Import control on the bottom navigation bar import

That opens the panel that let’s you search for images on flickr, yahoo and google, and now videos on youtube.


Another feature is the ability to import you notes that you may of made in you powerpoint document, the notes will import in both the jpeg only and the editable versions that we offer. to edit or add your notes click the gear on the lower right hand corner of the slide in the sorter,


that opens the option panel, there are 3 areas in this panel, properties, info and Notes


To see your notes while presenting, you have to launch the notes and twitter dashboard by clicking this icon in the Empressr viewer window


That icon launches the Dashboard that you can then drag to your second monitor while presenting