Social Media for Social Change Announces Charity Event to Benefit Jane Doe Inc. on October 10 in Boston

Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0, ‘Social Media for Social Change’ (SM4SC)
Hosts Event to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

BOSTON, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Social Media for Social Change (SM4SC), an online grassroots movement started by Boston native Gradon Tripp to rally social media-users and leaders in support of a common Canada Goose Montebello Parka cause, will host its first fundraiser on October 10 at 6:30 PM at the Harvard Club of Boston; all proceeds will go to Jane Doe, Inc. (JDI). Eleven sponsors have pledged their support so far, including a major donation by presenting sponsor Empressr. SM4SC anticipates raising over $20,000 from this event Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber

SM4SC has garnered support from hundreds of Web 2.0-savvy individuals and corporations across the United States to raise funds for JDI. SM4SC differs from other fundraising organizations by tapping into the social media world to get the word out through blogging, Digging, Tweeting on Twitter and other online tools. By harnessing these powerful applications, SM4SC feels it can make a major difference for important charity organizations.

“SM4SC is powered by the influence that individual people have within their own online communities to work together and make something happen,” said Gradon Tripp, founder of SM4SC and author of DesignBoston blog. “We’re utilizing the communal nature of the Internet, which can cause a YouTube
video or blog post to reach millions, to raise money for crucially important charities and help fix real-world problems.”

“This is the first Web 2.0 event that we’ve been a part of that’s sole purpose is to address social responsibility,” said Bryan Thatcher, founder of Empressr, a New York City company that provides online rich media presentation tools. “The interconnected social community, especially in Boston, is exactly what is needed to fuel a movement like this.”

SM4SC plans to extend outside Boston, eventually hosting similar events for charities in other locales, including Virginia and New York City. For more information on Social Media for Social Change, visit or follow SM4SC on Twitter at

To purchase a ticket to this event, visit
To make donations to Jane Doe Inc. through SM4SC, visit

About Social Media for Social Change (SM4SC)

Social Media for Social Change harnesses the idea that collaboration — both online and offline — can change the world for the greater good. By hosting fundraising events across the United States, the social media community can raise money for charity to help people in need. To learn more about SM4SC, visit

About Empressr

Empressr is a first-of-its-kind rich Internet application that provides users with the tools to create and share multi-media visual stories online. Armed with only a Web browser, users can combine photographs, artwork, text, music, videos, audio recordings and charts to produce anything from a simple slide show to a state-of-the-art business presentation. To learn more about Empressr, visit

About Jane Doe Inc. (JDI)

Jane Doe Inc. is the statewide coalition of over sixty community-based sexual assault and domestic violence organizations across Massachusetts committed to the safety, dignity and liberty of survivors. JDI raises awareness, engages people to take action, increases access to and improves the delivery of services, acts as a clearinghouse of information, promotes efforts to address the needs of underserved communities and advocates for public and private funding and improved policies and practices in the public and private sectors to help create a world free of abuse. To learn more about Jane Doe Inc., visit

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